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Picomedia Is a Common Object Media Engine Designed In Awt


The Picomedia project was launched in Feb. 2000 by Henri-Pierre Charles who works at the University of Versailles and at the Polytechnic of Velizy. At first the project intends to teach the compilation by using ANTLR. Finally, it was redesigned and is now a language that will use XML as a basis to describe graphical scene into web pages. Picomedia is written in Java and uses Xerces for the XML Parser.


The team is composed of six persons who are in alphabetical order :
  • François DANG NGOC
  • : XML part, some parts of the engine and documentations
  • Frédéric DANG NGOC
  • : most part of the engine
  • Mathieu DECORE
  • : editor
  • Nicolas LECLERC
  • : editor
  • Marc TANGUY
  • : CVS administration, Emacs macros, vim syntax color file and documentations in SGML
  • : some scripts and some demos

    If you find some bugs, please try to mail to the appropriate person.


    Picomedia is distributed under the GNU GPL licence.

    Quick Links

  • The specifications
  • The user-guide reference
  • A tutorial
  • A quick tour of Picomedia
  • The Picomedia Coding Standard (PCS)
  • Some Picomedia demonstrations
  • Downloads

  • Thanks

    We would like to thank Henri-Pierre Charles for managing the project. Special thanks to Cédric Bodiguel for hosting our web site. We would also like to thank Trâm, Rémy, Bénédicte, Thierry, Karine and Christian for their help.

    If you want to help

    If you have written a cool plugin, please send it to us, we will be pleased to add it as a component in the next version.


    Write a plugin or improve our program ;-). You will be added here then.

    Links to Picomedia users

    Be the first one to write a pml script ! ;-)


    We hope you will enjoy this language. If you encounter bugs or if you have some suggestions let us know. We will be pleased to hear from you.