The purpose of this project is to allow anybody who knows a little about computers to create animations on his web pages. The script language uses XML as a basis. You can have a look at the Picomedia Official Homepage for further information.


This is an unfinished game project. Quest is a Final Fantasy 6 (or 3) clone. We have not used any graphic library. The screen resolution used is 320 x 200 with 256 colors (VGA). The compiler used is DJGPP. If you want to have further information, click here.

Big Integer Library (in French)

This is a school project. It is a library which allow basic arithmetical operations (+, -, *, /, !) on big integers. With this library, you can compute over than 20000 digits of Pi. You can download it here

Local News Server (in French)

This is also a school project. Basically, with this software, you can post/retrieve articles on a local newsgroup. You can download it here
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