Welcome to Tuxigloo!

    We present here, the game Tuxigloo which will be soon available on your computers! ;-) Tuxigloo is a clone of the famous game Chu Chu Rocket distributed by Sega (C).


I am currently redesigning the game. The communication between the server and the client will be much lighter. I will use SDL for the graphics routines, thus it will run under both Un*x and Windows. I will put a beta version to download on this page in a couple of months.


On icebergs, some big webfooted birds are trying to find their way home in order not to be eaten by the evil bears.

Characters and items

The pengouin : He is naughty, he gives beer to the bears to make them drunk, so he can escape from them.

The bear is very good to relieve the world of the stupid penguins, if only he does not like so much beer.

The otary : He helps the penguins which offer him a glass of beer. For example, he can bring 20 penguins to an igloo, or send some bears to the other igloos.

The Igloo is the place where every penguins have to go if they want not to be eaten by the bears. If a bear get in the igloo then it eats the third of the penguins which are in.

Arrows : The penguins and the bears are so drunk that they cannot find their way to the igloos. They must be guided by arrows put on the floor.


Tuxigloo is a multi-player game. Every players has got an igloo. The goal of the game is to get the more penguins you can in your igloo and to send the bears to the other igloos.



  • A Un*x system (Linux, FreeBSD, HP-UX)
  • X-Window
  • The Xpm library (which comes with your Un*x distribution)

    Tuxigloo has been successfully tested on Linux, FreeBSD and HP-UX.


    Program/Graphism by Francois DANG NGOC.
    3D Penguin Mesh by Frank van Heesch (fidget@stack.nl).

    How can I help?

    There are many ways to help me:
  • improve the sprites: All the sprites in this game except the penguin sprites have been made by me. That is why they are so ugly :-(. If you can do better sprites, please let me know.
  • create new levels: I have never player to Chu Chu Rocket, that is why I have not created any level. If you want to create new levels, please do it and sent it to me.
  • new ideas: if you have any idea to improve the game, let me know.

    To do

    I will add the following bonuses as soon as possible:


    I would like to thank Guilhem for the idea to create a Chu Chu Rocket clone. Thanks to Tram, my elder sister for the design of this page. I would also like to thank Christian Moranne for introducing this game at his school and for his encouragements and his remarks. Thanks to Eric who showed me how to draw a polar bear.


    Tuxigloo is under the GNU GPL licence. It works under Un*x. If you want to try the game, click here. To install it do as follows:
    $ tar xvfz tuxigloo.tgz (if you have GNU tar)
    Then follow the instruction of the README file. It is a very early alpha version, so if you encounter bugs, please feel free to send me an e-mail at: fradang@tuxigloo.org

    Mailing list

    If you want to be notify each time a new version of Tuxigloo is released, or if you want to have some news about the game feel free to subscribe to the tuxigloo mailing list. To subscribe, send the following command in the body of an e-mail message (NOT on the Subject line!) to majordomo@tuxigloo.org
    subscribe tuxigloo
    Then follow instructions.
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